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In collaboration with our world- class partners from industry, academia and philanthropy, the Base 11 STEM Accelerator model transforms high-potential, low-resource college and high school students into the STEM talent that industry so desperately needs.

Base 11 establishes Innovation Centers featuring MIT-originated Fab Labs, and integrates hands on project based learning programs designed to equip students with STEM 2.0 skills and set them on a direct pathway to a four-year STEM degree and/or a well-paid STEM jobs.  

In the past two years we’ve established STEM ecosystems around our Innovation Centers on university and community college campuses in the San Francisco Bay Area; Southern California; and Phoenix.


Corporations can plug into Base 11’s STEM Workforce Accelerators to find, train and recruit talent from America’s great untapped resources – high-potential, low-resource students.


Our STEM Workforce Accelerator model provides experiential, industry-based solutions for forward-thinking schools and colleges that want to offer their students clear pathways to futures in STEM.

Foundations & Philanthropist

By investing in STEM ecosystems, foundations and philanthropists have the opportunity to be the change agents who jumpstart the economic engines of an entire region.