We’re proud to be partnering with innovative tech companies like Ellie Mae in a win-win STEM talent development model. There are thousands of companies in the San Francisco Bay area and across America facing a massive shortage of STEM trained talent and scrambling unsuccessfully to recruit high-tech employees. Through our Springboard Initiative partnership, we are using Base 11’s signature workforce development curriculum design and training model to partner with corporate employers, local community colleges, and community-based organizations to recruit, train, and employ high-potential, low-resource students in entry-level tech jobs in just 12 months or less!

This vocational training is designed to have universal applications in the high-tech world, and we work with potential employers to tailor programs to their specific needs. Immediately upon graduation, students will be able to begin productive careers as entry-level technical employees with participating companies.

Ellie Mae is just the first of several high-tech companies to step up and sign on to be a Springboard corporate employer partner, and more companies are being interviewed now to join.  

Join us! Let’s all do our part to create a sustainable middle-class in America by helping to lift up high-potential, low-resource students and placing them into promising STEM careers!

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