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Boulé-Base 11 Fellows Program

The Boulé-Base 11 Fellows program is designed to provide students and early career adults (from high school juniors to age 34) with the Access, Awareness and Belief they need to become highly trained and well-connected STEM leaders who are positioned to serve as game changers in the fields of industry, science, medicine, and law.


Dwayne Murray
Grand Sire Archon, Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity

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Info for Students/Early Career Adults

Achieving the Boulé-Base 11 Fellow designation will open doors and accelerate career success with the help of our vast, well-connected Sigma Pi Phi members.

Join now and start receiving the following benefits:

  • Gaining access to a powerful network of some of the most accomplished African American professionals in the world
  • Getting mentored by global leaders in your field of interest
  • Building a personalized career roadmap
  • Getting hands-on experience developing solutions to improve parity for Black America
  • Learning from the experiences of those who have paved the way for your success
  • Having your customized and optimized digital profile highly visible to employers for opportunities in STEM and beyond

There are 6 Steps to becoming a Boulé-Base 11 Fellow

Step 1: Sign up for a free membership on  Base 11 Digital. Anyone can join Base 11 Digital, but to be eligible for the Boulé-Base 11 Fellow program, you must be:

  • High School Junior to 34 years old
  • Interested in STEM
  • Eager to become a successful STEM leader in industry, science, medicine or law

Step 2:  Apply for acceptance as a Boulé-Base 11 Fellow candidate by filling out an online application (available via Base 11 Digital) and submitting a letter of recommendation from a mentor, academic instructor, or employer. 

Step 3: Develop an optimized LinkedIn profile that will serve as your Base 11 Digital Portfolio (an enhanced resume including examples of work product) using our LinkedIn Optimization Guide.

Step 4: Submit your completed and optimized LinkedIn Digital Portfolio for review in Base 11 Digital! Once your LinkedIn Digital Portfolio is Base 11-approved, you will be invited to the private Base 11 Digital group on Linkedin. This is where the magic happens! From here, you can directly connect with our partner companies in STEM and be the first to hear about exclusive job and internship opportunities.

Step 5: Get invited to and accept membership into the private Boule-Base 11 Fellows LinkedIn Group where you can connect with other Boule-Base 11 Fellow candidates, mentors, and Boule members, as well as stay up-to-date on any program updates. 

Step 6: Complete a series of virtual training sessions and hands-on (real world) tasks designed to equip a participant to become a highly trained and well-connected STEM professional or leader. Examples include:

  • Create your own STEM Career Goals & Action Steps Plan (using template to be provided in the program)
  • Attend scheduled (and on demand) professional development webinars hosted by Base 11 and Sigma Phi Phi
  • Complete a STEM for Parity capstone project proposal designed to help solve one or more of the 10 existing disparities highlighted by the Parity Project.

When all the steps are completed, a candidate is eligible to become officially designated as a Boulé-Base 11 Fellow. A designated representative(s) from the Boulé signs off on the candidate’s completed program portfolio. 

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“When I look in the mirror, I see strength, I see determination, I see exactly what an engineer is.”

- Breanna Allen

Henry Ford College '17
Base 11 Fellow at UCI '17
Engineering Student at Michigan State
Founded Pill Ion, a MedTech start up and was admitted to the NSF I-Corps program


Info for Boulé Members and Other Supporters

Help us achieve our goal to develop an initial pipeline of 5,000 students and young adults on a pathway to becoming highly trained and well connected STEM leaders empowered to serve as Game Changers in the fields of industry, science, medicine, and law … by June 2022!
Dwayne Murray Circle frame

Dwayne Murray

Grand Sire Archon, Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity

How to Get Involved 

There are several ways you can jump in and help us achieve parity for Black America by 2030. Choose what’s right for you!


Sign up to be a Mentor or Ambassador

Join us as a Corporate Sponsor or Foundation Partner

Donate to Support the Mission


Do you have a question about any of the programs above? Download our FAQs sheet by clicking the link below.

Still have questions not answered in the FAQ’s? Please send us an email at [email protected]