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Meet Eduardo Jauregui, Base 11 Fellow who just completed the STEM Entrepreneur Program at our partner Skyline College, in San Bruno.


Base 11’s STEM Entrepreneur Program puts students on the path to becoming the next game-changing innovator. The program helps students transform classroom knowledge into marketable solutions and learn how to build viable business around them.

The program’s real-world experiences will help students excel in the innovation economy, whether at major corporations or their own start-ups.

The STEM Entrepreneur program includes:

  • A one-semester college course covering topics including
    • The entrepreneur’s mindset
    • 21st century leadership skills
    • Developing and pitching your business plan
    • The Lean Startup
    • Protecting your intellectual property
    • Sales and marketing
    • Productivity strategies of super-achievers

To learn more about how you can offer the STEM EP at your campus contact us today!

Program is NOW available at two campuses:

For additional information or if you have any questions please contact  Ingrid Ellerbe.