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Base 11 partners with innovative employers to reverse-engineer curriculum and training programs designed to develop a qualified pipeline of talent for specific STEM jobs.

Alex Hercules

Click the image to watch a video of our Base11 Students at ASEA.

Autonomous Systems Engineering Academy (ASEA)

In partnership with University of California, Irvine, this workforce development program helps students understand multiple engineering disciplines through hands-on projects. The program aims to instill in students a love of STEM, prepare them to earn STEM degrees and enter the workforce as highly skilled engineers. Students define, build and test a series of mini projects that come together in capstone project: a fully operational unmanned aerial vehicle (drone). The program includes industry-recognized training on state-of-the-art 3D solution design platforms. Through the support of our partners, the curriculum is being adapted for high school students.


Springboard Initiative

Ellie Mae and the Springboard Initiative have partnered with Base 11 to reverse-engineer a workforce development curriculum for high-resource, low-potential students in the San Francisco Bay Area. The training program prepares students for specific “middle skill” tech jobs – those that require certifications and some college-level coursework, but not a four-year degree. Upon completion of the 8-month program, which includes technical training as well as mentorship and life skills courses, the students will be placed in entry-level tech jobs at Ellie Mae and Visa. Read more about the program here.


Training Tomorrow’s Tech Trailblazers

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A promising new approach to increase diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, designed to match talent with corp hiring needs