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When you finished your Base 11 program, or completed a hands-on project in one of our Base 11 Innovation Centers, you accelerated yourself on a pathway to STEM success. But your journal in STEM is just beginning, and Base 11 offers resources to help you continue on your path — whether that’s to a four-year STEM degree, a STEM job, or your own start-up. Join our members-only Victory Circle group on LinkedIn to access:

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“This is one of the greatest experiences. It feels amazing to be the only woman doing exactly what a man can do. It was encouraging. My mentors were pushing me forward. They were treating me as if I could do what I want to do.” 

— Alina Rai, Skyline College

“By the time the fellowship was over, I already had accepted a STEM job offer that came as a direct result of my work over those ten weeks.”

–Alejandro Stefan, Santa Monica College student