In 2015, a visionary philanthropist invested $5 million of seed capital in Base 11 to build a mission-based nonprofit that would solve two of the country’s biggest problems:

  1. The growing STEM talent pipeline crisis, which is only getting worse because of the under representation of women and minorities, and
  2. The lack of a sustainable middle class in America made up of all Americans.

We started by studying the problem and identifying what we found to be the three primary barriers that prevent women and minorities from entering and advancing in STEM related careers: Lack of Awareness, Access and Belief:

  • Awareness that STEM-related jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurship even exist.
  • Access to the resources, facilities, and social and professional networks required to be competitive.
  • Belief that they have what it takes to be successful in a STEM-related career.

In response, Base 11 built state-of-the-art Innovation Centers; developed hands-on, project-based STEM programming; and formed well over 40 academic, industry and nonprofit partnerships all designed to tear down those barriers and develop the mindset and skills needed to succeed in the workforce and entrepreneurial opportunities of the 21st Century.

Together, Base 11 and our partners set an initial goal to accelerate 11,000 students on their pathway to the Victory Circle by the end of 2021. The Victory Circle is achieved by enrolling in a 4-year STEM degree program, landing a STEM job, or getting trained in STEM Entrepreneurship. As you see on our Impact page, we have already exceeded the goal a year ahead of schedule!

So, what’s next?

Thanks to our visionary board of directors and partners, we’ve launched the Next Frontier Initiative, a bold goal and plan to increase Base 11’s reach and impact by accelerating over 100,000 students on their pathway to the Victory Circle by 2030!

The Next Frontier Initiative is squarely focused on preparing the next wave of STEM workers and entrepreneurs and preparing them for successful careers in the tech focused industries that are predicted to be the fastest growing and most rewarding over the next 20 years.