Base 11 prepares students from diverse backgrounds with the mindset and skills they need to excel in the Next Frontier Industries in STEM. To date, Base 11 has accelerated 60,144 students on their pathways to STEM degrees and jobs.

students used equipment in Base 11 Regional Ecosystems for a hands-on project

people have attended and been inspired at a Base 11 event

students from middle school through university and early-career adults have participated in Base 11-sponsored programs

women and students of color were reached by our awareness & belief campaign


of Base 11 interns and fellows have already transferred to four-year universities in STEM fields. The rest returned to their community college to continue their STEM journey.


of students surveyed* agree or strongly agree “I have a better understanding of concepts, theories, and skills in my course of study now.”


of students surveyed* said “The experience stimulated my interest in engineering and graduate studies.”


of students surveyed* strongly agree “I feel that I’m better prepared to enter my field of choice after this experience.”

*Base 11 Members surveyed between 2016-2024

“By the time the fellowship was over, I already had accepted a STEM job offer that came as a direct result of my work over those ten weeks.”

Alejandro Stefan, Santa Monica College student who transferred to UC Berkeley

“I’m able to start a project and execute what I’m doing to produce a tangible outcome.”

Breanna Allen, Henry Ford College student who transferred to Michigan State University and, through Base 11, participated in the NSF I-Corps program and presented her work at the Dassault Systemes Community of Experts Conference.


Hundreds of students across the U.S. and Canada have participated in the Base 11 Space Challenge since its launch in 2018.

university teams from across the US and Canada registered for the Base 11 Space Challenge

students accessed the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, gaining workforce skills with the platform used across 8 industries

teams have designed, built, and tested their liquid rocket engines

team leaders attended the world’s first in-person liquid rocketry safety training for university students, held concurrently at three locations in two countries

“When we first heard about the Base 11 Space Challenge, it sounded very exciting and we knew that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to participate.”

Joyce Smith, member of the Buckeye Space Initiative at Ohio State University, and Blue Origin intern.

“It’s crazy, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I don’t think I can get anywhere else.”

Hubert Fortier, co-captain of University of British Columbia’s team, and a third-year materials engineering student