STEM Entrepreneur Program

Accelerating the Next Generation of Stem Innovators

Base 11’s STEM Entrepreneur Program, currently available through all of our regional ecosystems, puts students on the path to becoming the next game-changing innovator. The online course and workbook help students transform classroom knowledge into marketable solutions and learn how to build viable business around them — or excel as an “intrapreneur” within a larger corporation.

The STEM Entrepreneur program includes modules that cover:

  • The entrepreneur’s mindset
  • 21st century leadership skills
  • Developing and pitching your business plan
  • The Lean Startup
  • Protecting your intellectual property
  • Sales and marketing
  • Productivity strategies of super-achievers
  • The basics and importance of branding and design

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Base 11 has brought a tremendous array of resources to Skyline College that most community college students would never have access to. By bringing Ivy League-quality resources to our campus, we are levin the playing field for students.” — Regina Stanback Stroud, Ed.D. President, Skyline College
Base 11 gave me the confidence I needed to pursue a computer science degree at a top-tier university.”  — Paul Grad, Base 11 Fellow Weest LA College graduate and UC Irvine computer science student

STEM EP Student Examples

S.H.E. Phone Case

Ashley Carranza

“S.H.E stands for Sleek, Hip, and Everything
you need in a phone case. Here, we provide you with a wide selection of colors for everyday use to party time.”

Tara Reynaud Tutoring

Tara Reynaud 

“The perfect learning community for
any child to advance in their
classes and ensure comprehension
of various subjects.”

Salvo Systems

Leal Saada, Gila Kohanbash, Nate Sawdayi, Rachel Judah

“To ensure reliable protection for your loved ones by detecting potential abuse and minimizing false alarms.”