Early Career Adults

Base 11 accelerates early career adults into the leaders and entrepreneurs that the Next Frontier Industries are calling for by equipping them with the access, awareness, and belief they need to get ahead in STEM.

“Besides the great connections made with the other Base 11 participants, I obtained so much hands-on experience with the manufacturing side of building the drone and learned a lot of new skills from the instructors Ernest, Leo, and Makayla on aerospace, designing, SolidWorks, and coding.”

Edgar Macias

Base 11 Summer Fellow - UCI ASEA, Mechanical Engineer - NIWC Pacific

“I learned how successful entrepreneurs got their footing in the industry alongside learning different ways to develop a business. From lean-startups to fast-failure iterations, I learned concepts and principles that enforces the concepts of resilience and rigor. It’s quite refreshing to see failure as being part of the process rather than just something that will be heavily penalized, such as in grades, as failure is just the beginning steps of a journey.”

Maya Zeng

Base 11 STEM - EP Student, Data Science Fellow Correlation One