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Calling all Southern California Community College Students interested in STEM! The Base 11 Academic Year Internship is an opportunity to gain engineering skills from leading local university, receive mentorship, and get the inside track on what it really takes to transfer to a premier university.

Applications OPEN in the spring

Meet monthly at the University of California Irvine’s campus to learn skills such as how to program Raspberry Pi, try Arduino, and use computer-aided design software for 3D printing to develop your own project. Through the program, you’ll tour state-of-the-art fabrication labs used by UCI students, meet transfer students in engineering, and receive advice and guidance from admissions counselors about how to successfully transfer to a UC.

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Are you interested in the future rocket propulsion and space travel? In this program, qualified students work under the guidance of PhD candidates to conduct research in the state-of-the-art Liquid Propulsion Lab, exploring technologies commonly used by companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic. The work done by this lab spans multiple disciplines and presents many opportunities for interested students to gain design and manufacturing experience.

Sample the extensive resources available at one of the world’s most prestigious research institutions, Caltech, while being mentored by graduate students in aerospace. Interns attend in brief lectures on fundamental scientific theories and then work in teams on projects that demonstrate basic yet beautiful physics concepts essential to continued study in aerospace research.

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