We  wish all of our Base 11 students and their families health and safety in this unprecedented time. We know you have all been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic in some way. Although our Innovation Centers and your campus labs are closed now, that does not mean that you should hit pause on your journey to STEM.

When the country emerges from this pandemic, people with STEM skills will be more urgently needed than ever before — in biotech, data analytics, coding, AI and other fields. For every challenge we are faced with today, there is an equally huge opportunity. NOW is the time for you to make headway on your road to STEM success, by taking action to prepare for what the future will bring.

Build CAD Skills

Develop Data Analytics Skills

Gain Cybersecurity Skills

Enhance Your Engineering Skills

  •  3DEXPERIENCE: Experience design processes with a team through CAD — CATIA or SOLIDWORKS — collaboration, design and manufacturing simulation. Students can work on exciting real-world sponsored challenges (see current upcoming contests here) and gain free access to 3DEXPERIENCE. You can also request sponsorship for a team project you’re already working on.


Execute Your Entrepreneurial Vision

  • NSF SBIR/STTR grants. Put your entrepreneurial vision to work and help the country respond to the COVID-19 crisis.  Partner with a faculty member to develop a new venture idea and apply for Phase 1 grant funding of up to $200,000 to complete your research, and up to $1.5M to bring the venture to market.
  • La Fondation Dassault Systemes is immediately launching a call for projects to help to address the global challenges created by COVID-19, including education and research projects based on 3D and virtual universes, developing 3D/virtual learning content for awareness, remedy, prevention care, use of medical devices, for easy understanding of common procedures, and/or data management, and support for rapidly deployable techniques developed using 3D, virtual simulations

“I have already gained so many skills! Beyond the technical skills I have learned, working with a team on a project of this scale is immensely satisfying and reaffirms my interest in pursuing my career goals.”

— Elizabeth Juette
Base 11 Academic-year intern

“I gained valuable connections in the industry as well as hands-on experience in the lab. I now see myself applying to different companies with confidence and a different mindset.”

 –Sergio Sandoval
Base 11 Summer Fellow

Gain Real-world Experience

  • Volunteer Match can help you find ways to use your unique skills to meet urgent needs related to COVID-19. A great way to help others, gain employability skills, and enhance your resume.

Position Yourself for the Future

  • Create a LinkedIn Profile
  • Join the Base 11 Victory Circle LinkedIn Group. This group is open to anyone who has completed a Base 11-sponsored program or a project in one of our Innovation Centers.
  • Add your Base 11 Internship or Fellowship to your profile. (Video instructions are here.)

Take Care of Yourself

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