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Next Frontier Innovation Challenge 
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What types of problems can be solved by an Innovation Challenge?

Challenges can address a range of problems, from social justice to sustainability.  Samples Innovation Challenges include:


HeroX Challenges can vary substantially, from a few months to a couple of years depending on the complexity of the challenge. Next Frontier Innovation Challenges, powered by HeroX, typically run several months. A sample timeline usually looks like this:

Innovation Challenge timeline

Roles & Responsibilities


 Next Frontier Initiative Game Changer Sponsor

  • Host a Challenge Creation Workshop to identify Challenge Concepts
  • Challenge Design services
  • Challenge Project Management (3 months)
  • Crowd Builder services to attract innovators to compete in the challenge
  • Crowd Management & Engagement
  • Provide best-practices for judges
  • Manage prize payout
  • Identify stakeholders
  • Participate in Challenge Workshop and Design process
  • Provide subject matter experts in the design process
  • Review and respond to drafts materials in a timely manner
  • Identify and provide judges
  • Review and approve proposed social media, website, and other content related to the challenge and the crowd builder
  • Promote the challenge

“Leveling the playing field is something I have a personal passion about. It’s that when you do crowdsourcing correctly, you create an environment where anybody can participate. Anyone who has an idea, anyone who has a talent. It doesn’t matter the color of their skin or their gender, they are measured by the strength of their solution.”

— Christian Cotichini, CEO and Co-founder, HeroX

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