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Challenge Design & Crowdsourcing Deliverables

Challenge Creation Workshop

Fee: Included in your NFI Game Changer Sponsorship
The Challenge Creation Workshop, led by HeroX, is a hands-on, 2-hour session that empowers your organization to turn current problems or unrealized market opportunities into initial Challenge Concepts that can then be developed further into your final NFI Challenge to be announced at the NFI Conference & EXPO.

Goal: To identify 3-4 Challenge Concepts to be considered for your company sponsored NFI Challenge.

Agenda includes:
1. Introductions
2. Establish goals of the workshop
3. Introduce participants
4. Overview of challenge preparation and design
5. Delve deeper into the created Challenge Concept for addressing a Challenge Problem
6. Determine relevant Challenge Concept(s) that can generate a solution

Challenge Design

Fee: Included in your NFI Game Changer Sponsorship

  • Kickoff Meeting for Challenge Design (one hour)
  • We Conduct Market Research
    • Background information
    • Competitive analysis
    • Market analysis
    • Technical specifications (when necessary)
  • Subject Matter Expert Sourcing and Interviews
    • Scheduling – sponsor invited to attend
    • Conducting interviews
    • Publishing follow-up notes and recording to sponsor
  • Creation of:
    • Challenge story
    • Draft guidelines
    • Final guidelines
    • Challenge timeline
    • Submission form
    • Judging criteria
    • Eligibility rules
    • Platform content for:
      • Pre-Registration – challenge page on herox.com
      • Full Launch – challenge page on herox.com
  • Determination of:
    • Intellectual property structure
    • Prize purse amount and allocations. NOTE:  $10,000 cash purse allowance is included in your NFI Game Changer Sponsorship. You may elect to provide additional cash amount above the $10,000 allocation. 
    • Non-cash incentives
    • Gamification

Project Management

Fee: Included (for 3 months) in your NFI Game Changer Sponsorship

HeroX Project Managers will collaborate with you and support you in ensuring all areas in the operations of your challenge are covered. This service is offered for a 3-month duration, with the option to continue for a monthly fee. Service includes:

  • 60-minute kick-off call – This helps ensure there’s alignment and sets the stage for this service engagement.
  • Weekly 30-minute calls – HeroX project managers will guide the discussion:
    • Update from your team
    • Input from our team in areas we recommend additional focus
    • Opportunity for your team to ask questions as it relates to the operation of your challenge
    • Discuss next actions for the upcoming week
  • Email and live chat support within 24 hours of query

Option to extend service for a monthly fee:  Cost: $250/month

  • One 30-minute call per month – HeroX project managers will guide the discussion
  • Email and live chat support within 24 hours of query

Crowd Builder

Fee: Included in your NFI Game Changer Sponsorship

HeroX will reach out to the crowd* to inform them of your Challenge and encourage them to register to compete. We will identify relevant industries, profiles, and demographics of people who may be likely and qualified to compete in the Challenge. CrowdBuilder service includes:

  • Direct messages to HeroX users with access to the knowledge of over 138k innovators on our platform and 2M innovators connected through partner networks
  • Inclusion in the HeroX newsletter
  • Community matching feature that notifies HeroX users with related skills or interests of your challenge when it launches
  • Social media ad campaigns on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. (Campaigns are adjusted as needed to optimize traffic and conversions to registered innovators.)

Crowd Management: Content

Fee: Included in your NFI Game Changer Sponsorship

HeroX will keep your crowd engaged and informed with one update per week for one month. The content of these updates may include deadline reminders, relevant news articles, or how to use the challenge page features.

Crowd Management: Engagement

Fee: Included in your NFI Game Changer Sponsorship

HeroX will monitor and engage the crowd for one hour per week for one month on the Challenge Forum, respond to Challenge Help Inquiries, remove inappropriate posts, and send private messages to entire community or individual innovators, as needed.

Prize Payout Servicing Fee

Fee: Included in your NFI Game Changer Sponsorship

HeroX will distribute and payout monetary prize amounts on behalf of your organization. This service pays the prize winners in accordance with all local regulations. HeroX will also be responsible for all communications with winners, withholding tax for international winners and tax filings. HeroX will invoice for the total prize purse (less the $10,000 Game Changer Sponsor credit) upon the challenge submission deadline. This service includes payout for the prizes specified in the concept details. 

The fee is calculated as:

  • $50 per prize = $1,500
  • $100 per prize > $1,500 and = $25,000
  • $500 per prize > $25,000

* Crowd – At HeroX we support our clients in powerfully building their own Crowd.  HeroX is the only place you can build, grow, communicate, and curate your very own crowdsourcing Crowd; your brand of enthusiasts, a Crowd that you can tap into again and again. Here’s the simple 3 step methodology we follow:

  1. Start with the Crowd you already have built…your existing Crowd. This may be on social or quite simply email lists. Every home page and every challenge have their own custom URL and a Share or Follow option available.  It’s simple and easy to invite your existing Crowd.
  2. HeroX already has an active Crowd of innovators, we refer to as Heroes. See here to view our current Crowd. They aren’t hidden behind a paywall; they are available to you as part of your access to the platform.
  3. You have access to our HeroX consulting services, as described above.

“Leveling the playing field is something I have a personal passion about. It’s that when you do crowdsourcing correctly, you create an environment where anybody can participate. Anyone who has an idea, anyone who has a talent. It doesn’t matter the color of their skin or their gender, they are measured by the strength of their solution.”

— Christian Cotichini, CEO and Co-founder, HeroX