What’s exciting about financial technology? This rapidly growing industry is revolutionizing how tech is used to improve and automate banking and financial services like online payments, contactless transactions, and mobile banking. 

As you’re considering what’s next in your academic or professional journey, here are six reasons why you should explore a career in FinTech: 

  1. Combine your love for technology and banking. Not to state the obvious, but if you’re looking for a job that will give you opportunities to flex your skills and optimize financial services with new technology, this is it. The industry is disrupting the traditional ways we think about finance—and your ideas for how tech can change the game are needed now more than ever! 
  2. Shape a growing industry. There’s plenty of opportunity to learn, innovate, and shape this industry as it evolves. Start-ups and innovation labs are actively doing the work to create new tech and transform the finance industry as we know it. There’s a whole world of technology to explore—and help integrate into the future of finance. Roles in areas like programming, artificial intelligence, data analysis, and software development are only the beginning of the possibilities!
  3. Help companies and consumers. FinTech allows companies, business owners, and consumers to optimize their financial operations and processes, including payment processing, banking, insurance, loans, and wealth management. There’s a wide client pool and potential success behind both B2B and B2C approaches. No matter where your interests lay, there is space in FinTech to explore.
  4. Work beyond the bank. Financial services are needed across industries, not just in financial institutions. Originally, “FinTech” described the back-end systems of well-known finance businesses. Now, the focus has grown to include consumer services across industries like education, retail banking, nonprofits, investment management, and more. 
  5. Get paid. Fintech is lucrative and growing rapidly, and there are still so many opportunities to innovate. According to Deloitte, the industry is expected to be worth $188 billion by 2024. Some of the highest-paying roles in fintech include blockchain expert, app developer, product manager, financial analyst, cybersecurity, and data scientist.
  6. Smartphones are the next horizon. We know FinTech drives the innovative finance software and algorithms made for computers and large tech infrastructures. However, more and more, smartphones are shifting the industry as well! Not only do mobile devices make banking more accessible, which has a lot of important equity implications, they also make consumer processes more efficient and cost-effective—and consumers themselves more engaged. Smartphones present another great area of growth for the industry. If you’re passionate about transforming the potential of the small screen, this industry could be for you!

At Base 11, we love being able to use our platforms to help introduce a wide variety of possible careers across leading STEM fields. We believe that empowering students to pursue their dreams will have tremendous positive effects on the future of our world—and we love getting to watch you shape these growing industries! Stay tuned to learn more about how to pursue your passions, shape your studies, and build a career you love.