Base 11, a nonprofit organization that fosters access, awareness, and belief for students and early-career adults interested in education and careers in Next Frontier and STEM industries, proudly announces the appointment of Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud from Vice Chair to Board Chair.

Dr. Stanback Stroud brings a wealth of experience to her new role, including 35 years as an educator, a rich history of board service in philanthropy, and time spent in public service. Her move to Board Chair marks a pivotal moment for Base 11 as it continues to foster a more inclusive and equitable future for students in STEM fields, particularly for Black students, Indigenous students, students of color, and women.

“Base 11 is incredibly blessed to have Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud as its new incoming Board Chair. She is uniquely qualified to lead Base 11 to new heights of success,” said outgoing Board Chair, Doug Bender.

“She has a stellar background as an education executive and an enviable record of high achievement that sets the stage for a visionary and bright future for this organization. She will far exceed what I have done and I’m excited for Base 11 and this new season of leadership,” he added.

Dr. Stanback Stroud began her career in education and has held a wide variety of leadership positions at California colleges. She also served as a presidential appointee on the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans for President Barack Obama. 

As a leader, Dr. Stanback Stroud is highly regarded for her work on student equity and diversity, making her well-positioned to lead Base 11’s Board as it provides strategic guidance and support to Base 11’s executive management team. In recognition of her work on equity, the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges established the Regina Stanback Stroud Diversity Award, a state-wide award that honors faculty whose work demonstrates a commitment to diversity, equity, and social justice. In recognition of her leadership, the Western Regional Council on Black American Affairs established the Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud Leadership Achievement Award, awarded to individuals committed to leadership excellence and social justice. She is also a member of LGBTQ Presidents in Higher Education.

After successfully completing a two-year term as vice chairman, Dr. Stanback Stroud is set to lead Base 11 as Board Chair for the next two years. In this role, she will provide strategic guidance and support to Base 11’s executive management team, overseeing the organization’s efforts to scale its impact 10-fold from 2020 to 2030 through the Next Frontier Initiative.


Base 11 and its board members, under Dr. Stanback Stroud’s leadership, will continue to support the organization’s ambitious Next Frontier Initiative. This initiative aims to accelerate over 100,000 students, early STEM career adults, and STEM entrepreneurs on their pathway to success in Next Frontier industries, including data analytics, cybersecurity, fintech, life sciences, aerospace autonomous systems, private equity/venture capital, AR/VR, advanced manufacturing, and edtech. Base 11 focuses on reaching women and Black and Indigenous People of Color, acknowledging that many people have been historically underrepresented in some of these fastest-growing and most lucrative industries. 

Next Frontier programs, facilities, events, and easy access via Base 11 Digital all work together to provide students and early career adults with the access, awareness, and belief needed for accelerated STEM career success in the 21st Century.