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Base 11 Connects Community College Students to Caltech

Since our partnership began in 2015, Base 11 and Caltech have worked together to give dozens of underrepresented community college students the opportunity to explore meaningful careers in aerospace. Students are able to participate in the Aerospace Mentorship Program (AMP) through either academic year internships or paid summer fellowships, which allows them to gain hands-on experience working on real-life research projects under the guidance of faculty and grad students.

Base 11 alums have worked on everything from underwater autonomous drones to self-assembling space telescopes, often continuing on the projects after their formal Base 11 program has ended.

“I can say that AMP gave me the best summer since I was able to work with amazing minded people and learn many facts and skills that would not have been taught in my college. Besides from working, the experience was fun because AMP allowed me to create long lasting friendships with people who are in my field and people who are not,” said Pasadena College’s Nathan Sam.

Read more about Base 11 AMP program at Caltech here:

To learn more about Base 11’s fellowship and internship programs, click here.

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