Base 11 is thrilled to celebrate our 2023 and 2024 Parity Project Innovation Challenge winners! Their challenge submissions include groundbreaking ideas and innovative technological advancements that are paving the way toward parity.

Right now, these winners are gearing up for the next exciting phase of the competition: presenting at Sigma Pi Phi’s Grand Boulé event in San Diego this June.

Let’s meet these inspiring winners! 

2024 Winners

Stephany Gutierrez – SWISH Desalination Device

High school junior Stephany Gutierrez is not only an avid learner, she is also a visionary leader with a big goal in mind: tackling global water scarcity. Her project, SWISH, is a cost-effective desalination device that uses renewable energy to provide clean water to those in need. In the future, Stephany plans to pursue her passion for space and aviation as an aerospace engineer and astronaut​.


Quavoris Wellington – Pro Bono But Not Free

Howard University student Quavoris Wellington developed a platform that bridges the gap between small business owners and expert advisors. His project, Pro Bono But Not Free, offers a collaborative space for growth and problem-solving, ensuring that small businesses have the support they need to prosper. 


Nagea Kirkley – Bonded Dollas

Nagea Kirkley, a recent Howard University graduate and current Johns Hopkins student, designed an innovative app focused on building social and financial capital among Black Americans using collaboration and gamification. Nagea’s project is rooted in her experiences as an English Teaching Assistant in Côte d’Ivoire, where she observed economic models that inspired her to create change here at home​​.


Garrett Ransom – A Blockchain-Based Business Line of Credit: Data-Driven Change

Garrett Ransom, a Morehouse College alum, founded Thurman Labs to address financial disparities through innovative solutions. His project introduces a blockchain-based microloan system that empowers small, diverse-led businesses by providing them with essential capital to thrive. Garrett’s dedication to utilizing cutting-edge technology for economic empowerment exemplifies the spirit of the Parity Project​​.



Oyelekan Ajiboye – Odibo: An AI to Train and Pay Black People

Oyelekan Ajiboye, a PhD student in Chemistry, is leveraging AI to create socioeconomic opportunities for Black communities through his project, Odibo. This platform connects skilled professionals with learners for job shadowing, fostering a practical learning environment and economic advancement. Oyelekan’s project is a testament to his dedication to using technology for social change​​.


Iman Jervey – The Comeback

Iman Jervey, a student at Benedict College, designed a portable telehealth service called The Comeback, which aims to improve access to health resources in economically disadvantaged communities. Her project addresses the critical need for basic healthcare and nutritional support, reflecting her commitment to health equity​​.


Destiny Harris – Application Bias Eraser

Destiny Harris sees AI as a tool for ensuring hiring is fair and unbiased. Application Bias Eraser takes candidate information and compares it to the job listing, then provides the employer with the best match. The Benedict College student is optimistic about technology’s power to make the world a better place.



Each of these winners has demonstrated exceptional creativity and a drive to make a significant impact in their communities and the world. We are proud to partner with Sigma Pi Phi to offer them the opportunity to attend the Grand Boulé, where they will network, find mentors, and inspire new audiences.

Join us in celebrating these visionary leaders as they continue to break barriers and forge new paths in technology and innovation.