As STEM advocates and enthusiasts, we know STEM inspiration and curiosity can be uncovered throughout the world we live in. That’s why we were so excited about our next Student of the Month winner, Sebastian Rodriguez.

A student at Base 11 partner school West Los Angeles College, Sebastian was inspired to pursue a degree in chemical engineering with an emphasis in nanotechnology after his interest was sparked by this TED talk. (It’s fascinating — don’t miss it!)

With a strong affinity for STEM innovation and learning, it’s no wonder Sebastian’s favorite subjects include physics, biotechnology, math, and “definitely chemistry.” Although, academic achievement aside, the thing he is most proud of in his college career so far is becoming a fluent English speaker and landing an internship at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab through a Base 11 fellowship.  

In the future, he plans to take this specialized knowledge and transfer to either Cal Poly Pomona for chemical engineering or University of California, San Diego for nanoengineering.

Way to go, Sebastian! With the dedication and passion you’ve shown as a Base 11 student, we know we’ll be talking about your STEM achievements for many years to come!